Payment Processing Fee

3.3% + Rs.30
per successful payment
No monthly fees, No setup fees
Setting up a PayHere Account is absolutely Free. There’s no hidden fees or recurring fees. You’ll be charged only if you receive payments via PayHere.
Multiple Payment Methods
Let your Customer select the method they pay you. Accept Card payments, Mobile wallet payments & Internet banking payments for the same rate without any additional fees.
Not Registered Businesses
A 1.0% additional fee applies if you are not a registered business entity in Sri Lanka. This additional fee can be cut-off once you register your business.
Scheduled Payouts
You can schedule your Payouts to be transferred to your bank account weekly or monthly when exceeds the release level you set. A fee of Rs.200 is charged for each Payout processed.
Currency Conversions
If you accept USD payments, they will be converted to LKR & added to your PayHere balance. Currency conversion to LKR incurs an average fee of 2-4% above the daily bank exchange rate.
In case if a fraudulent transaction gets chargebacked by card holder's issuing bank, a penelty of Rs.1,000 will be charged in addition to the chargebacked amount.