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Sri Lanka’s Most Secure, Affordable & All-in-One Internet Payment Gateway Service

Why PayHere?

Apply for PayHere for Free & choose a Service Plan once you get approved. PayHere has 3 flexible service plans that suits for different business needs.

Just get paid by sharing a PayHere Link or integrate PayHere to your website/app using PayHere Shopping-cart Plugins, Checkout API or Mobile SDKs.

Reach more customers by offering more methods to pay you. Cards; Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, Diners Club; Wallets; Genie, Frimi, eZcash, mCash & more.

Accept payments globally through any Visa, MasterCard from anywhere in the world. Your customers can pay you even in USD, EUR, GBP, AUD & ect.

PayHere is the only Central Bank approved non-bank Payment Gateway service. Your payments are processed through PCI DSS certified secure bank backends.

PayHere offers a nicely designed payment experience for your customers on both big or mobile screens, which increases your conversions in a greater extent.

About PayHere

PayHere is Sri Lanka's 1st & only Central Bank approved Modern Payment Gateway Service that offers Cutting-edge Payment Technologies such as Payment Links, Shopping-cart Plugins, Simplified APIs, Mobile SDKs, Recurring Billing (Subscriptions), Automated Charging (Tokenization) & many more.

As a Payment Service Provider, PayHere allows you to accept online payments over several payment methods such as Credit/Debit Cards, Mobile Wallets & Internet Banking systems through just one sign up & one technical integration.

PayHere Service is technologically backed by the Financial Technology Company, PayHere (Private) Limited & financially backed by the Licensed Commercial Bank, Sampath Bank PLC. At PayHere we intend to break the online payment barriers in Sri Lanka with the power of digital innovations & strategic collaborations, empowering every Sri Lankan Business with the ease of Online Payments, ultimately moving Sri Lanka towards a truly Digital Economy.

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Customer Experience

Your customers will pay you in 3 simple steps.

1. Select Payment Method


2. Enter Credentials & Pay


3. Await the Confirmation


How PayHere works?

It’s simple but awesome. Whenever you accept an online payment, PayHere acts as a Payment Service Provider & securely charges your customer through our partner banks who're licensed to acquire payments. The charged amount gets directly transferred to your local bank account just after 2 days of processing time (T+2). The strong partnerships we have established with local banks & telcos enable us to make this process seamless & secure as per the rules & regulations imposed by Central Bank of Sri Lanka under the PSD Direction No.1 of 2018.

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PayHere Solutions

Whether you are a small business who sells products online via a facebook page or a fully established corporate who sells products or services via a custom-made eCommerce website, we have a secured payment solution specifically designed for you.


Let your facebook audience directly pay you from your facebook page by placing PayHere Links under each of your item posts.

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Simply install a PayHere Shopping Cart Plugin to your eCommerce site. Plugins available for WooCommerce, OpenCart, Magento & other major shopping carts.

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Embed PayHere Checkout buttons to accept payments on your website. Receive payment status back to your website to process orders.

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